Saturday, September 15, 2007

Help! I'm buried in Scrapbook stuff!!!!

As if our darling UPS man, Jay, hasn't been bringing us enough stuff that we do not have room for... Yesterday was the customer drop off day for our Tag Sale on Sunday. We had hoped to keep everything in the class room so we didn't have to deal with the weather and lugging it all outside and then back in at the end of the day - But NO WAY! These ladies have stashes that put me to shame! Two are former store owners, 4 are current or former SU or CTMH consultants, and at least two are former CM consultants, and all of them are admitted shopaholics.

If you are looking for anything unusual or retired you need to be here on Sunday. I just cannot believe how much stuff is here.

Oh, and we got some very nice NEW stuff too! Most of it is still stacked on the counter because we can't fit it any where else, but you are free to buy it off the counter! Maybe if it all sells we won't have to find a home for it!

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