Friday, January 25, 2008

Coming soon - reserve your copy today!

I {{{LOVE}}} Stacy Julian. Her book,The Big Picture, was just so liberating for me. She made it OK to scrap my memories out of order, with or without photos; and took away any guilt about being "caught up".
After the release of The Big Picture, she created an amazing online course based on the book which gave students an in depth look at her organization and scrapping system. The course has been offered 3 times at Big Picture Scrapbooking and has sold out everytime. I would love to take the class, but it requires a committment of several months and lots of money.
But now, Stacy has written a new book, Photo Freedom, which is like a blueprint of the course. According to Stacy's message on the website:

"The content of the book and the class is pretty much the same. The way the
content is delivered is quite different. Both book and class share the
information you need to implement and adapt my system. Content in the book is
organized so that it reads well - straightforward and concise. Content in the
class is more in depth and presented in a way that is measured and controlled.
It's like giving a baby a jar of baby food and saying to her "here, eat this" as
opposed to sitting down in front of baby and spoon-feeding the contents of the
jar to her. If you can open the jar and dive in on your own - then the book is
all you need. "

We have ordered this fabulous resource and expect to have it in the store very soon. If you would like us to hold a copy for you (which I hightly recommend), please call or stop in to reserve your copy today.

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