Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More cats?

I have had a number of people asking about the kitties that I took in a few months ago, so I thought I would follow up.
Sasha & Tut are doing great. Tut is a big love- and when I say big, I mean it. He is at least twice the size of Sasha. He loves to be snuggled and tries to come in the house whenever he can. Sasha is so stinkin' cute but only allows me to hold her for a minute at most. She is an aerialist and loves to climb and jump. She is still quite tiny, especially in contrast to Tut.


Here's the problem... apparently - Tut has spread the word among the feral cat community that I can be trusted and have invited several friends over to dinner! A few days ago I found Sasha & Tut hanging out with another kitty on the porch. The new kitty (I'm calling #3) looked a lot like Sasha but has a white chest and white feet. It appears to be the same age. I'm thinking it may be a sibling.

Last night when I went out to feed them, I met #4.
We have an enclosed greenhouse like room over our in ground pool and that is the new home to Sasha & Tut. It is cold, but out of the wind, rain and snow- so I made a nice warm bed for them and I can go out and feed them without having to go outside. There is a loose panel in one wall that allows the cats to come in and go out whenever they want. So when I went to feed them (in the dark) they were swirling around my legs and I heard another cat crying from the other end of the room. I turned on some lights and saw a different cat in the room. It was crying and obviously hungry and I am a sucker and couldn't shoo it away. It immediately came to the bowls and started eating. Sasha & Tut did not seem to mind. In fact, Tut walked away from the food and wanted me to pick him up.

This morning when I went to feed them, Sasha & Tut were curled up (yin - yan style) on the bed I made and #4 was not around. Of course, as soon as I poured the food in the dish, #4 popped in through the wall and came running. Again, Tut walked away to let it eat. I went in and got my camera to grab these shots.

So there are at least 2 more ferals in the yard, my husband says he's seen three- so it looks like I'll need too call Our Companions once again. I don't know whether these 2 are male or female and if I don't trap them I could be over run with kittens by spring...

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Casii said...

Pretty, pretty kitties! I'm betting that new kitty in the photos is a girl. She's gorgeous! Good for you for having a soft heart.

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