Sunday, June 07, 2009

So much going on

I have fallen behind with my posting and even missed this past weeks newsletter because we have had so much going on, it's hard to keep up. Let's see if I can cover everything in one blog post.

First of all, last weekend was our spring Customer Tag Sale and oh my goodness, we were mobbed! We had a ton of great stuff brought in to sell and had a huge group of people waiting in the parking lot for 11:00. Once they started shopping we didn't even have time to take potty breaks - it was a non-stop line of people at both registers until about 1:30. By then, we were almost totally wiped out! Normally, we start packing up the outside about 3:30 - but this time, there was almost nothing left outside by 2:00 so we packed up and brought it in and even got the tents down (before it started raining). By the end of the day there was very little to return to the vendors. Most just told us to donate it. We donated everything that was left over to the West Stafford Fire Dept. They are having a fundraising crop on June 13 and will be using the items as gifts and raffle prizes.

The ladies who participated in the Tag Sale were all VERY pleased with the amount of store credit they received with many of them taking home a hundred dollars or more (the big winner had more than $350)! Our next Tag Sale will be September 13th so start planning now.

Then yesterday was the first of two Fiskars Birthday Crops.

This year marks the 360th birthday of Fiskars products! To celebrate lead Fiskateer, Kelly Jo, arranged a birthday crop here at The Inspiration Station. We didn't even have time to advertise it. Kelly Jo gave the date to 2008 Fiskateer of the Year, Laura Casey, and within hours it had sold out! So we added another crop on June 20 which also sold out very quickly.

Kelly Jo brought a ton of great Fiskars products as gifts for the ladies and Laura surprised us all with a special gift. She contacted the First Selectman of Stafford, Allen Bacchiochi, and he officially proclaimed June 6, 2009 as Fiskars Day in Stafford Springs. It was a bit short notice so the official proclamation will be coming in the mail and we will proudly hang it in the store.

This is such a fun group of ladies! I can't wait until the next one on June 20th. Even though the crop is sold out, you can still come by the store that day and meet Kelly Jo and Laura. The Fiskateers are all so wonderful and they love sharing the Fiska-love.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Sorry I missed it.!!

Elaine said...

Wow, you have been busy. Sorry I couldn't make it. I hope you find homes for those precious kitties. I'd take them, if I didn't have allergies to cats. Will get to the store soon.

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