Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming soon from Tim Holtz

Ok, I admit I'm a bit obsessed with everything T!m- I can't help it; creativity just emanates from him! I have been fortunate to take many classes from him over the years and I am always impressed with his creativity, professionalism and charm. So when he posts on his blog about new products that he is putting his name on- I'm all over it.

Keep in mind that some of these items will not be available until September, but be assured, I'll have them in the store just as soon as Ranger releases them.

All of these images are from Tim's Blog:


Elaine said...

can't wait to get my hands on that clear rock candy,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Deb! this looks WONDERFUL. I want to try the clear rock candy too, and want a whole set of ink-matchin'-stickles! Bet Karen B will too!
Sue R

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