Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting ready to create

Next weekend Terry and I are going up to Ridin Hy Ranch for a scrapbook weekend. At last count there were 90 ladies planning to attend! SO now, I have only a week to plan what I'm going to work on while I'm there. Packing up to go somewhere else is so foreign to me. Between my store and my VERY well stocked craft room at home, I am spoiled having everything at my fingertips.

I think a lot of people avoid going to crops for the very same reason. You can't bring it all with you and it's so hard to figure out how to pack.

The best advise I have found is to plan ahead. Let's face it - you are not going to accomplish five or six projects at one time, so be realistic. My max is 2 projects. That way if I get stuck or bored with one, I can switch gears and work on something else.

For example, my goal for next weekend is to get a good chunk done on a graduation album for my daughter who is a senior in high school. As a back up, I also have a stack of pet photos that need to be scrapped. So I am only bring the photos related to those projects.
Additionally, my supplies can be pared down. Since I won't be working on holiday stuff, there's no need to pack Christmas or Halloween theme stuff. I don't need "boy" stuff, "Disney" stuff, or any other specialty themes.

So what will I be bringing?
My basic tools: 12" trimmer, straight edge scissors, craft knife & cutting mat. Adhesive - tape runner, glue dots, glossy accents, and tacky tape can handle any situation I may run across on these projects. My crop-o-dile in case I need to punch holes or set eyelets. My Tim Holtz Design Ruler (it rocks!).

Then the important part - I need to pre-plan my pages. Since I know what photos I have, I can grab cardstock and paper that goes well with them. I'm not really a theme type of girl, I like making my pages based more on color than theme. I can always add stickers and other embellishments when I get back if I'm missing something.

So that's my plan.
Now I'm off to upload my photos for printing at my favorite site. Scrapbook Pictures

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