Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zentangle Inspired

My oldest son (21) recently moved into a new apartment with a friend. It's a very nice place, but like all rentals the walls are painted stark white. When I visited the first time they complained that they needed some artwork for the walls. Have you ever thought about decorating an apartment for 2 young men? It's not easy. Everything out there is so ... girly.

We they both seemed interested in my Zentangles so I decided to go big. Really big. I created a Zentangle inspired piece on a poster size (22" x 28") sheet of paper. It was hard to get started adapting the tangles to such a large scale, but once I got going it went rather quickly. I worked on it all weekend and spent about 22 hours total. My son thought it was "awesome", so I guess it was a good idea. Pretty cool, huh?

to learn more about Zentangle, please visit www.zentangle.com


Patricia said...

Thats awesome Deb. You can see alot of time went into it.

Dawn Emanuele said...

WOW! That is awesome!!! Very impressive. Would love to hear more about this when I see you next :-)

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