Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is a time for change

Fall is a time for change and we are making some noticeable changes in the store. We always like to shake things up and try to find better ways of displaying all the fabulous products we have. Last week, we decided it was time to move some areas around. We had created a special Tim Holtz section in the stamp department along side Ranger products and we liked it. Unfortunately it was not nearly big enough! That boy just keeps coming out with more awesome stuff!

In order to give him more room we needed to move all of his stuff to the front of the store. The problem is (you can probably guess) all of the space up front was already taken. Not to be deterred, we made a map of the store and started moving stuff. This morning we started tearing things apart and as usual one thing led to another, and another, and another. By afternoon we had made some progress but lots of stuff is still in baskets awaiting its fate. Will it find a home, or will we put in in clearance? I can tell you that a lot of stuff was moved to clearance and I'm sure a lot more will too.

So be prepared the next time you come in to really look around! You never know where stuff is going to end up...

By the way, only SOME of the Tim Holtz stuff has moved at this point; we are having trouble deciding where to draw the line. We did move all of the Sizzix, Cuttlebug and Spellbinders products up front so they are all together. All of the pens and markers are now back in the stamp area, although not in their final resting place yet. The wedding section is now closer to the bathroom and its former spot has been changed to Travel. More to follow....

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Jackie said...

Keep ALL of your products and Tim's coming...just add on to the store!! Your store is amazing!! Can't wait to visit again when I go on your bus tour..

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