Monday, July 21, 2014

Tim Holtz/Kathy Orta Inspired Mini Album

I have been a little obsessed lately with making mini albums. I a friend turned me on to a tutorial from Kathy Orta for making books using the hidden hinge binding system.  She created a monster.  The first one remains unfinished because, true to my ADD self, I immediately had another idea as soon as the pages were put into it.  I wanted to make it smaller so I could use all of those great 4x6 journaling cards that are out for pocket scrapbooking.  So of course, I made a Disney one.  This photo is before I filled it all in; I still need to photograph the finished version.

But then I thought, let's make one to show off some of the papers we have in-stock at the store - to get them moving... So back to the larger size.

Last week while searching Pinterest I found a mini book made by someone using the Tim Holtz Wallflower paper pad and I was in love.  So out came the scoring board and paper trimmer.  

So now of course, people are asking me for classes.  I have added the Disney one to the calendar for Saturday, Sept 6.  It will need to be a 4 hour class to get it done, and even then there maybe some decorating that will be need to be finished at home.

As for the Tim Holtz style one...  I would be happy to do a class if there is enough interest.  That one is smaller and could probably be finished in 3 hours if I cut most of the papers ahead of time.  Therein lies the problem.  I am not going to cut everything unless I have people committed!  It is a LOT of cutting!  So let me know your thoughts.

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