Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tying up loose ends

So there are only a few days left to this year (yay!), that means it's time for year-end inventory (boo!). I really hate doing inventory! We have well over 14,000 sku's in the store and just to print out the listing is 256 pages :( Counting all that stuff...ain't gonna happen.

We keep a running inventory in the computer and that should be fairly would think. We started by printing out just the paper sorted by manufacturer. Terry & I have been counting it for days and are amazed at the discrepancies. Some are obvious; papers that came in packs of 25 but were entered as packs of 50 or vice versa. Others are just frustrating, 5 or 6 sheets of each design missing.

The problem is that the more discrepancies you find, the more you have to count because it is obvious that we've made a lot of mistakes. I don't think it will EVER be 100% accurate, but I'm beginning to think our numbers could be WAY off.

I do know we have way too much inventory on hand. We decided yesterday that it is time to do some major purging. After kids camp tomorrow we are turning the classroom into "Clearance Central". We are just cutting the prices in half of what they are now and getting rid of them. A lot of stuff, especially the books, we are going to lose money on; but at least we will will get rid of it. I hope. If not, we will be making a major donation somewhere. I know I plan to take all the back issues of magazines and drop them at doctor's offices - I was in a place a few weeks ago and the most recent magazines they had were from 2004!

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Babs said...

Sounds like it will be quite a sale. Wish your LSS was in my area.

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