Monday, December 03, 2007

I just got my new Sony Alpha DSLR and I am loving it. This is a photo I am particularly happy with of my kitty, Boo. She is a 12 week old stray we found along side of our barn; we think the mama was dropped off (as they often are out here...very sad). Mama disappeared as soon as we brought Boo into the house. The vet says she is perfectly healthy and she seems quite happy chasing the dogs' tails - although I think they would rather we left her outside. They don't bother with her but it is obvious from their expressions that she annoys them!

1 comment:

Lisa from S&S Miami said...

Boo is sooooo cute! Great shot of her, and the collage of the other photos is really cool. Good for you taking her in, so many homeless pets out there.

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