Monday, April 07, 2008

Wow, what a day!

Yes, we survived the 2008 Bus Tour! It was a wonderfully hectic day, but as always a lot of fun too. Everyone on my staff worked exceptionally well to pull off the event without any major problems. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done!

It was great to see so many returning faces from the other buses. I wish it were possible to do these type of events more often but it really is a ton of work and very hard to get all the stores on a compatible schedule - not to mention convincing all the staff to come to work for 12+ hours on a Sunday!!!

For those of you who attended I have uploaded the color photo of the page kit here for you to use as a reference. It is also posted on the website under "Bus Tour".


Anonymous said...

Debby --

Will there be a pic of the make and take that Dawn did? At the end of the day, she handed out little baggies and told us to look for the pic on the website. Thanks.


Debby said...

Yes, Lisa, Look for it on our website in the next day or two. Dawn had planned to get it up sooner but she was sick on Monday and had meeting all day Tuesday for her "real" job!

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