Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Companions Sterile Feral Program

For those of you who have been following my “Kitty” capers, I’d like to update you on Sasha and Tut. Unfortunately, I think I found them a little too late to be able to tame them. They come running each time I go out to feed them but they are still so jumpy. Every little noise or movement sends them scurrying. They love to pose for the camera though and after their bellies are full they like to relax and play close by. They are growing quite fast now that they are getting regular meals.

I called my vet to see about what programs they have for feral cats and they put me in touch with an organization called Our Companions. One of the many services they have to offer is called the Sterile Feral Program where they teach people how to trap feral cats and then provide a vet check up, vaccinations, treat for parasites and spay or neuter them. Then the cats are released back where they came from. All of this is coordinated by volunteers and the vet services are at a reduced fee. They have been very helpful and I will be meeting with someone from the organization very soon and hopefully Tut and Sasha will be able to get to the vet in the next week or two.

I know that many of you are animal lovers and so I wanted to tell you a little about this organization that has a plan to build an animal sanctuary in Ashford for companion animals. They have a 43 acre site that they are working on and plan to build a unique facility to rescue and rehabilitate. I have provided a link here for you to learn more about it.

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