Saturday, April 11, 2009

Off on a personal note

It is my goal to keep this blog a happy place full of inspiration. But every now and then something catches my attention and I want to share some info with my friend. If that doesn’t interest you, please come back another day- today I am going to indulge.

A few days ago, my favorite creative muse, Tim Holtz, put a story on his blog about an artist friend of his who rescues animals and is asking for help to build a shelter in Tennessee. I followed the link to her site, A Place to Bark, and was so moved by the work she is doing. He has a badge on his blog to donate money to the organization and many of his followers have done just that, myself included.

So that got me thinking…

Many of you have been reading my blog for a while and know about my experiences with the feral cats that live around me. (You can go back and read my posts here and here if you are interested). The organization that helped me, Our Companions, is listed through the same fundraising program. Now, I have nowhere near the readership of Tim Holtz… but I have added a badge to my blog to raise money to help Our Companions. . I do not receive any money for this. Everything is handled through the Network for Good. The kitty in the photo is my first rescue, Boo. Since August I have trapped, neutered, vaccinated and released six additional cats.

It is my hope that if or when you are looking for a way to help homeless animals, you will consider donating to Our Companions. They have been a wonderful resource for me and they offer many services for animals in Connecticut.

Since this is Easter weekend and many are celebrating the gift of “a new Life”, I hope you will see this as a chance to offer the same hope to homeless animals.

Now back to the regularly scheduled blog.

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