Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remodelling- day one

The plan was simple enough. Close the store from Sunday to Wednesday to re-arrange all of the fuxtures. We would have all the men come on Sunday to do the heavy lifting and finish everything else over the next three days.

Unfortunatley, Irene had other plans. Hurricane Irene, that is. forecasters predicted a direct hit on us for Sunday so plans had to change. Saturday night would be the time to start. We began moving things into the classroom and emptying fixtures during the afternoon hours and by the time the store closed at five O'clock the guys were taking things apart.

By the time we left later that night the major pieces were in place but every thing else was shoved to the center of the store creating a chaotic mess. We will be back first thing Monday morning- if we have power to start re-building the store. Hopefully I will get a few pictures up to show you then.

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