Monday, July 02, 2012

Amazing Artwork

I would like to share with you something that makes me very happy.

A local artist, who is also a customer and friend of The Inspiration Station has given me permission to share a piece of her artwork with you. She is the ring-leader of a small group of artists whom she has named the Creative Journalist Society and inspires us every month with her amazing talent. Below is her creation for our June meeting; the theme was "The Inspiration Station".

Artwork by Jill Mordasky - All Rights Reserved.
This gorgeous watercolor sketch was created by the amazing and multi-talented, Jill Mordasky. Look closely at how she incorporated so many small details that she found in and around our store.  The first thing that caught my eye was our little squirrel out back (yes, you know how I see squirrels) with the caption "Come gather lots of ideas". I love all of the colors she used and how she added pieces of the store facade, the flower boxes and even the granite steps on the side of the building. But then look what she did. She sketched the padlock on one of our doors out back and wrote "Come inside to unlock your creativity and bring joy to your life..."  I love it!

Thank you, Jill, for allowing me to share this with my friends. I am so honored that you chose to be inspired by my little happy place!

To see more of Jill's work you can follow the link under the photo.  Her work is often on display at the Stafford Public Library and in various exhibits in the area.


Karen Huntoon said...

this is stunning!! A very talented woman!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And inspiring.

Lola G. said...

I've looked at this piece five or six times now, and I see something new each time! I love the vivid color and the beautiful lettering – thanks so much for posting it for all of us to enjoy!

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