Monday, July 09, 2012

Loads of inspiration this week

Hello Everbody!

I wanted to stop in to let you know that this week (and next) will be loaded with inspiration for your crafty little brains.  Why? Two things, actually. First off, the annual Summer Craft & Hobby Assoc. show will be happening very soon in Chicago and that means Sneak Peeks from all the vendors. Secondly, we will be celebrating Christmas in July at the Station.

I am not sure, really, which Holiday is Donna's favorite; Halloween or Christmas.  But every year at this time she gets completely out of control with ideas, makes my head spin, and then runs off on vacation to Ocean City. It's that time again....  I am trying really hard to keep her in line, but seriously, it is a losing battle.  I think she scares Terry too because she just left on vacation!  So, forgive me if I am a little more distracted as usual but it really is a full time job to keep up with her!

Before she runs away she will be teaching a ton of fabulous classes- and I even have pictures of some of them!  So, in order of appearance, here they are:

Card Club July 10th & 17th
Beach Tray July 12th
Christmas cards  July 15  11 am  & July 19
Christmas Cards July 15 2pm
There will also be a third set of Christmas Cards on July 26th but I don't have those samples yet.

I will also be teaching a Christmas in July Layout (2 page Scrapbook Page) on Saturday, July 21st.  It is almost done and I will post a photo soon.

Now- for the new CHA releases....

There are so many!  They are being posted daily, in fact in some cases every few hours.  There is no way I can keep up with all of them but as something really strikes me I do link to it on the Facebook Page.  Please check there daily and comment on the things you like.  The more comments I get the easier it is for me to decide what to order.

I will be working on the newsletter tomorrow so until then; Happy Crafting!

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