Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My kids are too old to go Trick-or Treating so I don't get the same photo opportunites I used to. (So sad...) So this year, I dressed up instead. Actually, My mom, my daughter and I went to Salem, Ma last weekend and had some fun photos taken at Salem Vintage Photography. It was insane. The lines were out the door and down the hallway of the mall. It was very hot in those costumes too! The photos came out fun though. As usual when you get a group of people together it's hard to get everyone looking good in the same photo so I did a little photoshop magic and came up with this:

Here's a couple of the originals:

Yes, I'm sure the men in my family find these costumes appropriate.

On a different note-

Many of you know that Terry's cousin, Scott, is a missionary in Malawi, Africa. He and his wife Maria recently had a beautiful baby girl named Mayamiko. Scott is a die-hard Red Sox fan and he told Terry that He and Mayamiko stayed up all night to see the Sox win the World Series. Yeah Red Sox!

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