Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Proud Mom moment:

Those of you who know me know that I have two teenage boys who struggle through life due to emotional issues. If you have ever loved someone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder you know how difficult life is for them; and because it is an "invisible" disability it is even harder for people to understand. The challenges my boys face on a daily basis break my heart. But this day was an exception.

My youngest son (my baby!) Adam began taking Tae Kwon Do in July at Healthkick in Stafford. At first he really struggled because he is so heavy and it is physically demanding. I had to fight with him almost every Tuesday & Thursday to get him off the computer and into uniform for class. After the first month, he wanted to quit. His instructor, Mrs. Baxter, took a special interest in him and convinced him to stay on for another month. By the end of the second month she allowed him to start sparring in class - something white belt's never do! Suddenly, he was no longer fighting me to go to class; he was attentive in class and quite helpful working with the younger students. Mrs. Baxter awarded him a patch for leadership - something he has never been recognized for. He was very proud. I am very proud.

On October 6th, Adam tested for two belts - yellow and gold. He did very well and was even able to break through two boards at one time by doing a front snap kick. The pictures I have posted here are from that day. A very proud day for Adam - a very proud day for Mom.


crazierinreallife said...

I remember my boys' testing days and they certainly are proud mommy moments. Love the work you have done on the site and really love the blog. I will be checking in. Hopefully I will down to the store soon

Anonymous said...

that is an awesome and inspiring story :-) sometimes, things we do not expect speak to a person and bring them out of their shell. it seems as if TKD has done this for your som. p.s. i know it is hard work on the web pages. keep up the good work :-)

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